Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Vision From God

Today I received a vision from God. I think it might well have been my first one. I've never felt God showing me something so clearly before.

I've had a really interesting week and think that I'm on the verge of something exciting that God wants to use me for... don't ask me why. I was driving downtown yesterday and praying in my car. I found myself shocked and amazed and forever grateful that God could actually use a dirty, hopelessly broken vessel like me for anything. I mean, I sin all the time! Not a day goes by that I don't feel the need to repent multiple times. There are plenty of days I don't even think people would be able to tell I'm a Christian, yet I profess to be a spirit-filled disciple of Jesus. If Jesus is in me, what have I done with him?!

This morning as we were praying in preparation for worship, I received a very clear vision from God: It was a clay pot. A dirty, broken, old clay pot that looked like it might have been through an earthquake and a fire. It was full of holes and cracks, chipped around the edges and scratched all over. But out of those holes and cracks was a light. The whole area outside the pot was illuminated only because of the many cracks and holes. If that clay pot had not been broken at all, there would be no way for the light to shine through... and better, it was beat up beyond recognition allowing the entire area around it to receive that light rather than even just a ray or two.

I think God was trying to tell me that no matter my shortcomings, my sin, my weaknesses, my lack of skill or preparation for something... if it's something He wants to do through me, He's going to do it regardless. All I have to do is let His light shine. I think sometimes in this life we try and cover up all those cracks and holes with a veil. We don't want people to see that we have weaknesses and sins and shortcomings. We don't want people to know that we aren't perfect. But in covering up all the holes and cracks we shut in the light in so it can't be used to light the way for anyone else. Just a thought...

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rex said...

Jesus did say "let your light shine," underscore "let," and "don't hide your
light." So whatever the metaphor, it seems to be something we choose.

It seems your suggesting, whenever we reveal the damaged parts of our lives that have been healed by God in His grace and/or mercy, we bring attention to the "healer" - the Light himself. And our transparency is a neccesary part of the process.

Authenticity is also endearing, because while people may admire our strengths, they identify with our weaknesses.

Admiration can keep people at a distance but when people see your weaknesses they see their own struggles - it's called empathy . . . something close to love.

But while we are the greatful benefactors of Gods benevolence, it is Him that must ultimately receive the focus of our attention, right. Because He can actually do something about peoples pain and alienation.

Jesus said "I am the Light," and "God is, (is) love." ! ! !