Friday, June 13, 2008

For the love of motorbikes

I have to say, I wonder what percentage of new motorbikes purchased get sold to a second rider vs. those that get totalled. *hmmm*

So yesterday at 4:30, big-man calls me at work from his cell... he's totalled his bike, but he's okay. I'm his first call *BRILLIANT* lol! I leave work immediately and make my way to the Cypress Mountain lookout where he says he's sitting at a picnic table and some nice passers by have given him a bottle of water... um, okay, thanks I suppose.

So I called for an ambulance on my way there - not sure if he did too, actually - by the time I got there we had two ambulances, a fire truck and the fantastic West Vancouver Corporal So-n-So, whose name escapes me - he's the guy who drives up and down that road in a tinted out Charger trying to entice people to race and gives them a ticket as soon as they do...

So anyway, here's what happened: big-man came down the hairpin turn at the Lookout and as he came around to the straight section in front of the parking lot, he hit some gravel that had been brushed into the road by a car that took the shortcut. The gravel took him into the grass where he figured he'd ride it out until he could get back on to the road, but didn't realize there was a cement culvert hiding in the grass.

The front end of his bike shattered on impact, flipped him and the bike over in the air, and tumbled again (I think with him off the bike at this point), coming to a standstill as a broken heap in the grass. He walked away and proceeded to call me.

After 5 hours at LGH, the doctors couldn't find a thing wrong with him... he's sore, but alive and unscathed. He has a scratch on his forehead and some abraision on his thigh, but was wearing full leg armour, butt/thigh armour, reinforced leather jacket and a great helmet.

I believe God is not finished with him yet on this earth...

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